Website hosting providers are all the same!


The people you trust to provide your website hosting service, are they all the same?  You had best believe they are NOT.  

It can be hard deciding where to host your website, after all, there are so many choices.  Each one promising faster speed, no hassle tech support and low prices.  But how do you decide between them all?  Every one of them makes the same promises, some even the same price.  And they all claim to have excellent technical support.  Oh if that were only true.  I’m sure we all have horror stories of web hosting providers that have failed us and our client’s.  I have personally had terrible technical support (enter hosting providers name here) when a customers site was down and I was left swinging in the wind.

So how do we decide amongst the crowd? I have found one of the best ways to discover who’s good, who’s great and who stinks by reaching out in my social media circles.  Send a shout out or tweet and ask who they are using and how their experience with the hosting company has been. You will discover instantly who is unhappy with their current or past providers.  Bad news still travels fast.  It’s a sure fire way to find out what the best hosting options are and with whom.

I personally use Flywheel.  I have such a great relationship with my provider.  Their technical support staff is top notch.  When I need answers or help when I screw up something in my hosted sites, They are quick to respond.  Thank the stars!  Support is only a phone call or email away and they have always responded quickly.  I love that they offer free (yep, free) local development software.  Local by Flywheel.  This is a versatile, robust development environment that allows me to install WordPress and quickly start developing my customers site on my computer.  Transferring the site to a staging environment is only a few clicks away.  Depending on if you chose a individual plan, or the agency plan (which I have), you will get the ability to easily setup a staging environment.  The staging site allows you to send your client a secure link where they can login and view the site and give you the “thumbs-up” to continue or if they see items they would like changed.

Flywheel will also give you the option of paying them directly for sites you have hosted, or they will bill the client directly.  Now that’s pretty cool help.  Sometimes it can be beneficial to off load the billing of clients sites to someone else. It’s so awesome when you find a web hosting solution that is worry free and hassle free.  I try to keep problems and issues as small as I can.  I’m busy enough taking care of my clients and need to rely that my web host is watching out and taking care of my hosted sites.  Plus knowing that needed help is just a call away.  I really encourage you take a look at Flywheel and decide for yourself.  Send me an email or tweet and let me know about your experiences with hosting providers.

Remember, we’re all in this together.